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About Us

Ruthie’s isn’t just a name plastered on our walls, it was the name of a special woman, one who influenced the philosophy of our business. Ruthie was the ultimate hospitalitarian: her heart was in serving others, and making them feel loved. That love came in the form of food, from bread biscuits and pancakes to the spectacular Christmas dinner, our bellies and hearts were full.


What stands alone, among the wonderful memories, is coming home to her beach house in New Jersey. With salty hair and summer tans, we would walk into our Grandmother’s “happy hour.” Always,  grilled cheese sandwiches. She was a loving, kind, giving, popular, and an incredibly genuine woman. All these things are what we thoughtfully incorporate and give with each of our grilled cheese sandwiches.


Just like she would say: “Who loves you?”


We do.

Ruthie's Scrapbook

Now Available
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